About Ciggywala
Ciggywala Pvt Ltd is a company incorporated in Bangalore, India.
Coming Soon: Daytime Cigarette Delivery
Service currently available in Bangalore.Coming Soon: Cigarette delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.Ciggywala App for iOS & Android has launched!For website orders, visit web.ciggywala.com
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the response so far?
Quite humbling! Our delivery riders with prior food delivery experience say they’ve never seen so many customers just incredibly happy to receive an order

Word-of-mouth has put other marketing strategies to shame, which makes our job simple – give a great delivery experience, and the rest will take care of itself.
How do we order & when do we pay?
You can order using our Android and iOS Apps, or through web.ciggywala.com
All payments are made at the time of delivery, through cash, PayTM/Google Pay/PhonePe (To 7032911820).
Why don’t I see any Ciggywala Ads?
Most types of advertising platforms, including television, print media, etc, are banned by our Government from the promotion of any business related to cigarettes. 

We agree with this and are happy to fully comply, as it is effective in preventing those under 18 from seeing any promotion related to cigarettes or smoking.
Someone had to do it, but why us?
Let’s be honest – we’ve all thought about doing this. Cigarette delivery isn’t a groundbreaking idea, and it certainly wasn’t our childhood dream to do this.
Our Mission, quite simply, has nothing to do with cigarettes. Instead, once Ciggywala is a stable success across multiple cities, we will direct the majority of our profits towards our underprivileged brothers and sisters in India. 

Poverty, homelessness, women’s abuse, mental illnesses, lack of chances at education… the bigger we get, the more lives we can improve.

So, are we an NGO? No. Are we helping people with access to smoking to remove misery from the lives of others? Yes, unashamedly, we are. Think of us as a modern day legal Robin Hood – we take money from the rich (by offering excellent trusted service), and use it to help the poor!