Franchise With Ciggywala

Franchise With Ciggywala

Ciggywala’s 1-Year City-Franchise Program

How it works: Choose a city. Invest Rs 5L. No warehouse required, no money locked up in inventory, no need to hire riders. Only hire just 1-2 individuals to handle orders or let Ciggywala do the work. Execute a branding activity once every 3 months, Ciggywala does the same. End the year with double your money, Rs 10L total. If things don’t work out at the end of the year, Ciggywala’s fail-safe guarantee ensures you walk away with Rs 5L, your total investment intact.

Cities (Only 1 franchisee exclusively per city):
  Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Ahmedabad.

Total Investment for 1 year:
  Rs 5L per city

Target Return: 
 Rs 10L (Initial Investment + 100% ROI)

Key Advantages:
1. NO Warehousing costs: Ciggywala already has fully stocked warehouses set up across these cities, so you don’t need to find or spend on rent/lease.

2. NO Delivery-Partner Hiring costs: Ciggywala works with Dunzo and 3 other delivery companies for delivery, all tech and dashboards are ready.

3. NO Money stuck in stock: Ciggywala works on an EOD credit model. All orders are picked and delivered real-time, with payment of the bills only at the end of the day.

Ciggywala Fail-Safe Guarantee: We are so confident in the above, that If things don’t work out, you’ll walk away with your total investment back. For example, if after investing Rs 5L, your franchise only makes Rs 2L in profits instead of 10L after 1 year, Ciggywala will pay you Rs 3L then to ensure you at least have the 5L you first put in.

If interested, you can click the Whatsapp button below to directly open a chat with our team, or you can also email, thank you!